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What Does Sustainability Mean For The Art World?

In 2021, the Biennial Foundation’s directory listed over 270 cities that host a bi-yearly art event. It’s alarming to think about the environmental repercussions of a staggering number of events generating very high carbon’s emission (with concentrated international tourism) and leaving behind incredible amounts of waste.

The desire is for environmental issues to be not just a topic for artists and art organisations to explore but the core of a process to transform the way we think about art ex

Has Cancel Culture Gone Too Far?

Imagine the world reflected by a distorting mirror, always presenting a new and very much different version of itself to those who look. The complexity of this world can only be perceived by constantly looking at things from a different perspective. The society we live in, its history, its ideas, its literature and fashion are the result of this complexity.

What happens if the complexity of the world we live in, and so ours as human beings is jeopardized by a new justice system where social med

From Nothing To Zero Waste: The Life In-between

Everything started with a YouTube video. Cinematic shots of a daily zero waste routine with ethereal music in the background, a palette of pastel colours and a wooden kitchen with plants everywhere and I was sold.

How many of us through a single video or article was inspired to change? That’s the beauty of the Internet but it comes with its limitations. Being inspired to make a great change it’s wonderful, but seeing its achievement so distant and unattainable can be counterproductive and disco

Laughing is a Serious Matter: The Health Benefits of Laughter

Laughing is one of our most basic emotional responses; it is as natural as breathing. But do we really know how beneficial laughter can be for our body and mind? Laughter brings numerous psychological and physiological health benefits and it is important to remind ourselves to laugh every day.

Then what do we do when our lives, our mood, our routines don’t allow us to laugh? The pandemic has certainly been a challenge for many of us, and finding reasons to laugh has not been easy in this past y

7 Ways Your Beauty Routine Can Help Save The Oceans

One of the greatest misconceptions when making a step towards sustainability is to think you are expected to give up quality to help the environmental cause. Choosing products that have a lower impact on the planet doesn’t mean you should sacrifice any aspect of your beauty routine. In this article, we have carefully selected products whose ingredients are safer for the oceans and better for your hair and skin.

Science has proved that some ingredients in cosmetic products such as UV filters, mi

June Book Club: Celebrating Father’s Day

Set in 1939 Germany, The Book Thief tells the story of Liesel, a young girl surviving the horrors of World War II through her love for books and the power of words she learns from them. She finds refuge in the books stolen to save them from the Nazis but also to save herself from the surrounding reality. She will find an accomplice in her adoptive father who will teach her how to read and insist on the importance of education and free thought as the true act of rebellion against Hitler’s regime.

Ingredient Highlight: The Benefits of Vitamin A

Navigating the skincare universe can sometimes feel overwhelming when the information available online is far greater than the time we have to consume it. There are always new products, constantly changing trends and sometimes contradictory information.

To make it easier, we decided to create a series dedicated to highlighting one great ingredient at a time. In today’s article, you will discover the amazing benefits of vitamin A, also known as Retinol, as well as a range of carefully selected p

The Power Of Plants In Your Hair And Skincare Routine

From anti-ageing and protective sunscreen to hydrating hair masks, the demand for botanical beauty products is constantly growing. The popularisation of phytocosmetics (the use of plants in cosmetics) is to be attributed to the increased demand for quality, efficacy and safety assurance. The amazing benefits these plants have on our skin and hair have made them essential ingredients in our beauty routine.

To celebrate National Clean Beauty Day we want to highlight the benefits of 5 plants commo

Essentials For Your Trip To The Beach

Sunscreen is definitely the number one staple in the skincare routine and certainly unforgettable in your holiday beauty case. Protecting your skin from the damaging UV rays should be a priority all year long but especially at the beach when the exposure is far greater.

With so many sunscreens on the market, it’s hard sometimes to choose which one is ideal for your skin type. Mineral sunscreen is a safe option for all skin types, especially for sensitive and acne-prone skin. And let’s not forge

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